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Water Damage Safety & Prevention Tips

  • Do not walk in any standing water.
  • If you can, shut off the water source or breakers to the electricity safely, or contact your local utility companies to shut off or repair service lines.
  • Mop up or blot all standing water and moisture as completely as you can. Wipe excess water from wood furniture and remove table top items.
  • Remove any undamaged items from the affected area.
  • If the heat fails, and it's below freezing, let a faucet or water supply line trickle slowly to help prevent pipes from freezing or breaking. If repairs to the heating system take more than 24 hours, drain all supply lines, water heaters and plumbing fixtures.
  • Throw out any food contaminated by water contact. If the electricity is off for an extended period, discard perishable foods from your refrigerator and freezer. It only takes a couple of hours for harmful bacterial growth to start to grow and spread.
  • Take a moment to inventory your property thoroughly.
  • Save all your receipts to document costs related to your emergency.
  • If you need to leave your home or office due to the damage, secure the premise by locking all your doors and windows and taking valuable items with you.
  • Local ordinances generally require that you secure damaged premises by boarding them up.
  • Any kind of leak, even small, if not fixed properly and timely, may lead to mold damage.
  • In case of any damage related to your property, always contact your insurance agency.

Fire Damage Safety & Prevention Tips

  • Limit movement around the house. Place towels and blankets around rugs and carpet.
  • Change HVAC filter.
  • Do not touch anything as it can cause further damage. Always keep your hands clean when moving around the house
  • Do not use appliances and electronics until they have been cleaned and tested, including computers, TVs etc.
  • Do not wash walls. Let professionals do it for you.
  • If the electricity is off, clean out the refrigerator and leave doors propped open.

At Manpower Restoration we follow all required OSHA regulations.

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